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no no 8800 hair removal.... Does it work? 

Does no no hair removal work? - Introduction

Hi my name is Megan and I want to describe No No 8800 hair remover.

I have searched for years for a good and reasonably priced way to remove hair. After doing a lot of research I finally settled with a hair removal cream, I wasn't absolutely happy with the results but it was more comfortable than shaving or waxing. I saw NoNo in womans magazines but I never believed it really works. Six months ago, I was on a birthday party of my best friend and we talked about hair removal methods. One of her guests told that she is using No No 8800 and it is way better than waxing or shaving.

Next day after the party I turned on my laptop and started to search for informations about this product. I read many great opinions about no no, people were saying it is very effective and simple to use. I was very interested if this device is really so good as people say so when I found 60 day free trial of this product I ordered it. This was a no-brainer for me. Because if it didn't work I could retrieve my money back.

When it arrived two days later I unpacked it, took a look at it and asked myself does no no really work? The device is very well built, cord free and easy to handle. After reading the instructions I selected classic tip (classic is used for large areas, small is used for smaller, narrower areas) and started to use it on my legs. It took me a second to figure out how to make the green indicator light steady. When using NO NO hold the unit at ninety degree angle, and move it with constant pace. If you don't use it properly light will blink. There was a bit of burned hair smell, but it can be quickly removed with air fresheners. (With each treatment, less hair grows back and the smell will decrease. After five weeks of regular usage it disappeared entirely.) When I was done with legs I used the buffer (kind of cloth) to clean the skin, and my legs were nearly smooth. I noticed I missed some tiny spots, and used again nono + buffer on them. I was truly satisfied my legs were really smooth I can compare the effects to waxing in beauty salon but without the pain :)

A few minutes later I decided to use No No hair removal on my arms, underarms and bikini line. I finished both arms and underarms very quick. Bikini line took me a bit longer because I was extra cautious.

After 6 weeks of regular usage

To get long term hair removal effects NoNo requires time investment and consistency. I was using it 2 - 3 times a week. After 6 weeks of regular usage I was very pleased. Because I saw a 70% reduction in hair regrowth and the hair that was growing back was much thinner and finer than before.


You can use it while watching TV (with the exception of bikini line, and facial area of course. Better to be extra cautious when doing so gentle parts of body)
Much more affordable than alternative hair removal products. When comparing to laser hair removal, waxing or electrolysis you will save a lot of money, because NoNo is just a one-time investment.
It is equipped with rechargeable batteries, freeing you from wires and sockets.
Uses heat based technology that has no effect on melanin (skin color pigment). That's why it can be used on all types of hair and all colors of skin.
Can be used on legs, underarms, arms, neck, chest, back, bikini line and face etc (not recommended for genital area, breasts and dangerous near eyes!)


It's not a miracle. To get great results you must use it regularly 2-3 times a week for first 2 months.
The smell of burning hair. It's inevitable in all long-term/permanent hair removal methods. When doing laser hair removal you'll sense the same smell. Fortunately the smell lessens with each NoNo treatment (because less hair grows back, and they are thinner and smaller). To remove the smell you can use aromatic candles or air fresheners.

How to use for best results:

Before beginning choose the proper-sized tip
Hold the unit at a 90 degree angle when using
Slide over your skin with constant speed
To use NO! NO! hair has to be between 1-3 mm.
For even better results use it again if you missed some spots.
If you feel uncomfortable while using NO NO you can reduce the treatment level
After treatment you can apply nono smooth cream to moisturize your skin
Don't use it on open cuts, scars, sunburns etc

NoNo 8800 professional hair removal

Where can I buy NO NO 8800?

The safest place to buy this product is the official site. It's the only place where you can get the 60 day no-risk trial for free. 60 days is more than enough to test if the product works, however when you see how well it functions you won't even consider sending it back.


free 60 days trial


UPDATE: After 14 weeks

I've been using no no 8800 for 14 weeks. I have about 90% hair regrowth reduction. At this moment I am using No No once per 2 - 3 weeks.

How works thermicon effect in No No devices?

The most important feature of NoNo 8800 is the thermicon technology. It's turning off hair growth mechanisms at the root of the hair. And after some time this effect is long-term/permanent. How does nono work? Thermodynamic wire is sending heat to the hair. This is separating it from hair shaft. Communication between root and hair bulge is interrupted and this is turning off hair growth mechanisms at the root of the hair. After some time hair stops to grow permanently - it's exactly the same effect as electrolysis or laser hair removal.

I found a short video about this:


No No Wins 2011 Product of The Year

In Feb 2011 No No 8800 Hair removal won 2011 Product of the Year for Best At Home Beauty Treatment. Over 60000 American Shoppers voted on No No device, and so much people can't really be wrong. Link to the official Product of the year site.


What to do when the effects are disappointing - How to use No No for hair removal

To get the best results you need to treat yourself 2-3 times a week for the first 2-3 months. Later after that period you can reduce your treatments. If you are not following the recommended treatment schedule, or giving up to quickly your results will be far from ideal. Also one word of advice, if you want to buy NoNo buy it from official website. Because there are fake NoNo's and old NoNo models sold on the internet. The old version of No No was not a good product and had many bad reviews. The new No No 8800 was completely redesigned based on the experiences from previous model and is really close to perfection.


8 comments on "No No hair removal does it work"


Written by: Kelly 
I started using my nono 1 month ago. I am following the instructions and have seen significant improvements. The treatments are pain-free and simple to perform. I've tried electrolysis hair removal before, and No No is a lot cheaper, and painless. 

Ps. Usually I don't write reviews, but I was so pleased with no no, I had to say how awesome it is.


Written by: Jessica Mills 
I am using No No 8800 on a 60 days trial basis. After the trial expires I will keep it because it works really well. Now, 7 weeks into my treatment, I have over 50% hair reduction. The burning hair smell was slightly unpleasant when I started using this product, but after some time the smell was almost gone. I didn't expected the No No to be truly 100% painless. I was surprised because when using it I felt only a warm feeling. I am really happy I bought it.


Written by: michelle 
I have been using the no!no! 8800 device for over two weeks now and have had pretty good resultss it takes time and a little practice but I have had a lot smoother arms and legs than I can get with just shaving I’m very very happy :D


Written by: Taylor 
I haven't yet tried it but it is very interesting. Does it truly work?


Written by: kittie82 
A few months ago I searched for home laser hair removal product. While searching I accidentally found nono 8800 hair removal. It was a lot more cost effective. I ordered one, I wasn't really sure if this is the right decision. Now I know it was a great choice. It’s been 3 months since I started using it and I am really delighted. I have experienced 75% reduction in hair regrowth. And the hair that are growing back are much thinner :) Now I am treating myself once or twice a month.


Written by: Emma 
Depilatory creams don't work for me because my hair is too thick. Shaving ends up with ingrown hairs and rashes. Waxing is too painful. No No is the first hair removal product that satisfied me. I don't need to worry about cutting myself when shaving or about the pain of waxing. Now thanks to No No my legs are silky and hair free everyday.


Written by: Amy S 


Written by: Elizabeth 
First two weeks were a bit difficult. But later it was a lot easier and faster. On the beginning it was taking a little to much time, however after a few treatments the hair regrow was reduced significantly and it was a lot quicker. Now I need only 35-40 minute session to treat all body. I am happy, the performance is satisfying :)


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